Liebherr Chest Freezers EFL 3056

Perfect cooling performance for continuous use.

In a foodservice environment, chest freezers can be is use 24 hours a day. Working around the clock, they have to be extremely resilient and meet special requirements: a high storage volume taking up the smallest possible space, low energy consumption, as well as maximum flexibility in the choice of installation location and in how the chest is used, for example, also being used as an additional work surface. Our new generation of appliances has impressive features for the very highest demands in the food service industry.

A giver, not a taker.
With a Liebherr chest freezer, you are always well prepared for even the biggest rush of guests. Our appliances offer extra space for your supplies and everything that makes your customers happy. Removable baskets provide more orderly storage and easy access to your goods. Liebherr chest freezers for the food service sector also score points for their low running costs. Their outstanding energy efficiency and durability make our appliances an extremely economical and sustainable solution for high demands.

FrostProtect gives you greater flexibility on where you put your Liebherr freezer.
Whether in a hot kitchen or at low room temperatures in more remote corners – a chest freezer must always cool reliably. For this purpose, our appliances are equipped with FrostProtect and thus have a special low-temperature capability down to -15 °C. If the ambient temperature drops below 10 °C, they continue to work efficiently. This means you can put your Liebherr freezer wherever you like – even in  unheated rooms such as a garage or cellar.

To create additional usable space, our new professional freezers are available with stainless steel tops on request. Optionally, the newly gained workplace can be raised to a back-friendly height of 92 cm with the aid of larger wheels. Whether larger or smaller wheels, our sturdy castors guarantee maximum flexibility and comfort: They make it easier for you to clean the floor underneath the appliance and simplify transport when you move your appliance. The recessed grip on the lid is unbreakable, hygienic and over the entire length making opening the lid easy from any position. The coated sheet steel interior ensures robustness that you will enjoy for a long time.

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