Liebherr WKb 1712 Barrique

Liebherr wine cabinets satisfy your thirst for the smartest, most elegant ways to store fine wines. Add sophisticated flair to your entertainment areas while enjoying the best conditions for wine storage.

Ideal Humidity for Long-term Storage 
When humidity level falls below 50%, natural corks begin to shrink, causing oxygen to enter the bottle and resulting in damaged wine. Liebherr wine cabinets guarantee ideal conditions which allows wine corks to remain supple and prevent oxidization, with humidity between 50% – 80% depending on ambient humidity.

Optimum Air Quality with Charcoal Filter
Environmental odours can adversely affect the quality of wine stored over prolonged periods. To protect your prized collection, each Liebherr wine cabinet is equipped with an activated charcoal filter to provide a permanent supply of odourless, fresh air.

UV Protection with Insulated Glass Doors
Our wine cabinets come with insulated glass doors with special UV protection. The double-glazed construction means that most of the damaging UV radiation is reflected away. In addition, LED lights are installed in the interiors to provide illumination without risk of UV exposure.

Pleasant Illumination with Energy 
Efficient LED Lighting Integrated LED lights in our wine cabinet interiors ensure pleasant illumination and provide an optimum view of your wine collection. LED lighting is energy efficient and emits less heat than conventional neon lighting, hence it does not influence the interior temperature.

Low Vibration Environment to Minimise Damage
Specially developed compressors provide a low vibration environment for your wine bottles. Coupled with our natural, handcrafted beechwood shelves, you can be rest assured that your exclusive collections are protected from any harmful vibrations.

Intuitive Navigation via LCD Display
Our touch electronic control system is easy to navigate and enables tailored storage options. Temperature can be set between +5°C and +20°C based on your preference. In our multi-temperature models, each wine safe can be controlled independently, allowing different types of wine to be stored in one wine cabinet.

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